Experience the relief of true privacy

  • Secure your communications

  • BlockBig Tech

  • Control location tracking

Feeling Exposed Online? You're Not Alone.

Your privacy shouldn't be the price of convenience.

  • Your personal data, traded like currency.
  • Hours lost in the maze of privacy settings.
  • Guesswork over guidance in protecting your digital footprint.

This leads to worry over your family's online safety and frustration with the complex digital world.

We're here to change that.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Turn the data vacuum OFF

    The UP Privacy Center gives you granular control of your device privacy settings — Bluetooth, camera, location, microphone — and secure your online experience with Liberty Firewall.

    • Advanced firewall

    • LibertOS-Privacy OS

  • Share without worrying

    With UP Messenger, we engineered platform that will not allow anyone, not even us to access your message data.

    • No mic access

    • No camera access

  • Be invisible to online predators

    Protect your kids from prying eyes and ensure their online activities remain private.

    • Privacy center

    • Antivirus

    • VPN

    • Location control

    • Messenger

  • Prevent data hacking

    The Liberty Firewall and UP Phone Privacy Center help make sure your words, photos, files, finances, and every intimate detail of your life aren't gold for businesses, governments, or predators to mine and sell. They belong to you.

Family privacy.


UP Phone

The privacy smartphone.


14-Day Money Back Gurantee


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Protect your personal data

UP Suite

Making privacy convenient

A privacy app suite to make any phone in the home secure. 

  • UP Suite

    An all-in-one app suite tailored for family communication, security in browsing, and robust protection against digital threats — eliminating the need for multiple platforms. 

  • UP VPN

    Protect your kids, spouse, or significant other from prying eyes and ensure their online activities remain private.

  • UP Messenger

    Share family and other personal photos, messages, and files with the assurance that your privacy is intact.

  • UP Antivirus

    UP Antivirus actively detects and blocks viruses and malware, safeguarding family devices against intrusions and data exploitation attempts. (Currently, only available on UP Phone and for Android devices)

Not everyone in the home may be ready for an advanced privacy smartphone. This doesn’t mean you can’t help them be more secure. 


After your free trial ends, price is $12.99/mo or $129.99/year. Cancel anytime.

(1-year FREE with UP Phone purchase)

  • LibertOS

    Unplugged's privacy-centric ecosystem is built upon LibertOS, an operating system meticulously crafted to repel intrusions. LibertOS blocks trackers, encrypts your data, and keeps advertisers out. Your conversations and data stay private.

  • Kill Switch

    Disconnect your phone battery from circuits instantly. The UP Phone-kill switch halts unauthorized tracking or data transmission, safeguarding your privacy and security.

  • Firewall

    The Liberty Firewall is built-in into the UP Phone and is designed to block trackers planted in apps to collect user data. The firewall is also capable of blocking ads, even within the applications (meaning not only in the browser).

  • Privacy Center

    Access the Privacy Center—where control meets convenience. With a long press on the left-side button, easily manage your privacy settings—from Bluetooth and camera to location and microphone.

Real life-Unplugged


Protecting your family.

Big Tech wants to harvest your family's data. Simplify your steps to digital safety with Unplugged. Let's secure your family's online world together.


Satisfaction guarantee

Easy 30-Day Return Policy. Make sure UP Phone is right for you. Return the phone within 30 days—opened or unopened—for a refund (restocking fee may apply)

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Frequently asked questions

What is the UP Phone?

The UP Phone is a privacy-first, proprietary and secure smartphone designed by cybersecurity professionals for everyday usage.

The UP Phone runs the proprietary LibertOS operating system which is secure by design and free of Big Tech components that are typically installed to collect user information for advertising and monetization purposes.

The UP Phone protects you from advertising trackers and any kind of spying and intrusion while providing the regular usage experience you are used to.

How does the UP Phone keep my data secured?

UP Phone is designed to secure your data and protect your privacy. While most modern phones encrypt your data, the operating system of the phone is not privacy oriented.

In fact it is designed to monetize your private data. The phone is also vulnerable to third-party apps that are installed on the device, most of which are free, but highly vulnerable to misuse, activity tracking, and monetization of a user's private data.

UP Phone mitigates the above vulnerabilities by having an operating system that has no vendor-designed ecosystem built to extract and analyze data that can be later monetized by advertisers or service providers.

UP Phone also gives a user more visibility, control and awareness of third-party data usage and risks in case a third-party app must be used.

What's the user experience like?

If you are already an Android user you should be familiar with our user experience as it is very similar to Android. However, for obvious security and privacy reasons, the UP Phone doesn't have Google Play Services preloaded.

The Play Store is replaced by the unrestricted UP Store. Most Android apps are fully compatible with the UP Phone, but you'll be using them in a secure, privacy-first environment.

If you're an iPhone user there will be minimal adjustments with the new interface.

Why do you charge for your solution?

If you are getting a product for free, then you are the product. Big tech companies and free platforms are continuously monitoring and analyzing your activities, then selling the data to third-parties or utilizing it themselves to advertise, influence your opinions, or sell you a product or service.

With Unplugged, your data and activity remains yours. We encourage you to read our User Agreement where we undertake to protect your data and never use it for advertisement or sell it with third-parties.

Our UP Suite, including the UP Messenger, UP VPN and UP Antivirus is available for a small monthly fee that's priced lower than the alternatives, and provides the leading protection against data theft, monetization of your private behavior, malware and malicious interception.

Which mobile carriers work with the UP Phone?

The UP Phone is equipped to work with the three big U.S. mobile carriers once fully verified. The phone currently works on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. We are pursuing verification with Verizon, but the process is more involved.

Another class of cell service are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs.) Examples include Patriot Mobile, Mint Mobile, Cricket, and others. MVNOs on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks work on the UP Phone.

Does the UP Phone work on the Verizon network?

Currently, no. The UP Phone works with AT&T and T-Mobile networks, along with their Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). We are working to include Verizon as soon as possible but we don’t have a specific timeline just yet.

You can stay informed on this and other exciting developments by keeping an eye on our website, following our social media channels, or subscribing for email updates. We appreciate your patience and excitement as we grow.

How can I trust Unplugged?

Unplugged has hired independent auditors to conduct periodic penetration tests on our platform's security. We also hired Cye Security (https://cyesec.com), one of the leading cybersecurity firms, to provide ongoing advisory services and reviews of our platform.

If you're a cyber expert and still have doubts, we invite you to write to us or apply to participate in our White Hat Program, where you'll get a chance to win prizes if you are able to detect any vulnerabilities in our hardware or software.

We also give qualified professionals the option to visit us at our R&D offices and perform a white room code review, so that you can see for yourself that we have no back doors.