About Unplugged


Freedom is under attack in every digital corner of the internet.

We've all become products in an online marketplace driven by manipulative 'cookie' consent tactics.

It's a market where Big Tech, the government, and sly perpetrators buy, sell, exchange, monetize, and exploit our personal data on a massive scale.

Unplugged exists to fight, reclaim, and defend data privacy and freedoms.

Your words, photos, files, finances, and every intimate detail of your life aren't gold for businesses, governments, or predators to mine and sell. They belong to you.

Unplugged is drawing the line. Your life is not their commodity. We're not just asking for privacy back—we're taking it. Your data is your property. Period.

Our ongoing quest is to design and engineer impenetrable products and solutions that make privacy convenient—so you can be:

Free to say what you believe without being censored.

Free to say what you might later regret but still never have it turned against you.

Free from perpetrators who, without your consent, would take and exploit your most personal photos, files, feelings, thoughts, and words 

Free to share and explore without surveillance and exploitation.

Join us and the many thousands on a mission to reclaim, preserve, and defend our privacy as the basic human right.