Make any smartphone safer


UP Suite transforms your smartphone into a privacy powerhouse with: encrypted messaging for bulletproof chats, browsing protection against trackers, and hacker-blocking security.

  • Download on any smartphone

  • Secure Messenger, VPN, Antivirus--in one

  • UP Messenger: Messages beyond reach, even ours.

  • UP VPN: Invisible Online, Secure Everywhere, No Logs.

  • UP Antivirus: Real-Time Malware Hunt, Total System Shield.


Click on the link below and download the .apk to install the UP Suite.

Get UP Suite


The iOS version of the UP Suite is coming soon! Meanwhile, enjoy our most downloaded apps:

Get UP Messenger Get UP VPN

After your free trial ends, price is $12.99/mo or $129.99/year. Cancel anytime.

(1-year FREE with UP Phone purchase)

UP Suite at a glance

  • UP Messenger
  • UP VPN
  • UP Antivirus

Secure your conversations with robust encryption, whether it's a chat with a friend or a confidential business meeting.

Even we can't access your messenger data.

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Self-destructing messages

  • Secure media and file sharing

Browse with the assurance that your digital trails are covered, making your online activities your business alone.

Connect instantly, no complex setup required.

  • Anonymous Browsing

  • Global Server Network

  • No-logs Policy

Defend your devices against the ever-evolving digital threats, ensuring peace of mind in every click and tap.

Automatic protection from the get-go.

  • Malware Detection and Removal

  • Ransomware protection

  • Tracker/profiler detection

  • The ultimate privacy toolkit

    Encrypted messaging, secure browsing, and advanced antivirus protection. Get the UP Messenger, VPN, and Antivirus for Android. Download UP Messenger and UP VPN on any iOS device.

  • Auto-delete messages

    With UP Messenger you can set messages to vanish after being read, leaving no trace behind.

  • No logs, ever

    UP VPN delivers absolute privacy by adopting a strict no-logs policy, meaning your online movements are never recorded or stored.

  • Real-time threat detection

    UP VPN allows you to scan your device as you use it, catching and removing viruses on the spot.

Frequently asked questions

What is the UP Suite?

The UP Suite consists of a package of our proprietary apps, which we make available for you to download to your Android phone and which are preinstalled on the UP Phone.

Currently, the UP Suite consists of our UP Store, which holds all of our proprietary apps (including the UP Messenger, UP VPN, and UP Antivirus), but also many third-party apps.

What is included in the UP Suite?

The UP Messenger, UP VPN and UP Antivirus, with more to come.

What is the cost of the UP Suite?

The cost is US$12.99 per month or US$129.99 per year. Get 1-year FREE when you purchase the UP Phone.

What devices are compatible with the UP Suite?

Android: Minimum Requirements Android version 7.0 64-bit or newer––UP Messenger, UP VPN, UP Antivirus.

Apple: Any iPhone––UP Messenger and UP VPN only.